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I opened my eyes, I felt dizzy so I started shaking my head, making me even more dizzy which was starting to be pointless. As I slowly regained my vision I looked around, noticing a guard staring straight at me.
“Where am I..Agh-..”
As soon as I opened my mouth to complain I got hit on the side of the head by one of the guard’s pistols.
“Tell us everything you know”
That was all I needed to hear. Everything. I was here because they wanted answers. So answers I gave.
“All I know if you’re going to fail.”
I gave him everything I knew. That’s what he wanted, right? With a quick smirk growing on my face I decided to do it. The guard stared, dumbfounded by my swift reply.
“Oh so that’s all you know? You’re dumb?”
“Why yes. I am extremely dumb.”
I burst out laughing mentally. I was being wise, yet he was too stupid to realize it.
“Alright kid, enough playing games. What do you know about that girl, Elena?”
I widened my eyes when he said Elena, I honestly didn’t know how to answer. But If I did, I was going to get hurt. I clutched my fists and shut my eyes, refusing to answer.
“I’ve found your weak spot, hmm?”
He mocked, But he was right, he did find my weak spot, and I was extremely vulnerable.
I was interrupted by a loud, ear murdering alarm. It was Elena, for sure. I know her well. She’s extremely smart, cunning, and funny.  And that’s what made her special. The alarm made all the doors open. I knocked the small guy out of the way and made a dash for freedom.
“come on..”
I looked around rapidly to see if I could find anyone, But I couldn’t, so I just ran quickly on my way towards a light, until Someone hit me and slammed me on the floor. I simply rubbed my head and thought “I’m doomed..goodby-“.
There was a familiar groan so I opened my eyes. Noticing it was Elena, She was on top of me so It made me slightly shocked.
“Why hello.”
I laughed when she screamed and jumped up.
I kept laughing and got up, thinking if that was ever going to happen, in my mind, it was never going to happen so I sighed briefly before she grabbed my hand and started running, a scream threatened to come out of me when I could barely catch up.
I felt my arm being pulled slightly as she stopped at a corner, pulling me back so I don’t fly forward. “Agh..please stop..” I thought to myself as my arm wasn’t exactly flexible.
There was arguments behind me, I couldn’t understand because of many guards, alarms and rattling everywhere.
I screamed again, I kept being pushed back and forth like a dummy. I just wanted it to stop. For the most part I was silent, I wanted to contemplate everything as we headed for the jeep. Again.
I looked at Erik and groaned, he ordered us to get in the car. I hate orders, I’m not a dog. I simply sighed and kept that to myself. But I shook my head and jumped inside, quickly moving aside and pulling Elena in next to me.  A sigh of relief slipped my lips, but that didn’t last long since I felt being pushed back into my seat, along with Elena. Looking outside made me realize that Erik was slamming the pedal to the metal.
“Ah..That was close.”
I smiled and looked at Elena, she was alright. Which made me more comfortable. Erik started complaining about how he got his head blown off, twice. But I honestly didn’t mind if his brains were everywhere. I hated his guts. Elena looked curious and simply asked
“How did you guys get out?”
A cute giggle sparkled from her slow panting. Which made me blush slightly
“The guy that was TRYING to keep me sustained, didn’t have much luck. He was a small guy, I actually felt sorry for the man when I knocked him out.”
I gave out a cocky smile. Impressing her seemed like a way to go, before Erik started dissing me. With a swift blink, I turned to glare at him. He was already pissing me off and I didn’t like it.
“stop dissing me! How did you get out?!”
I kept glaring, before Elena turned to argue
“Yeah, how did You get out. Looks like you were coming in as we were leaving..”
I noticed curiosity in her voice. She wanted to know everything, everyone and what they did.
“Well,  Sneaky style, of course. What about you Elena?”
I shot him another glare. He reaaaally was getting on my nerves, Until my eyes turned slowly to look at Elena, She was devastated about this. Maybe they did something to her? I didn’t care. She was upset, and I hated seeing her upset.
“Elena, What happened?”
I started to get worried, so I crawled over to her.
“I got out alive. That’s all that matters.”
I widened my eyes and sat back in my seat, sighing, she was upset but I didn’t want to upset her even more. I closed my eyes and sighed again, not letting myself fall asleep. But soon enough, an eerie silence grew over us, I was getting under pressure so I broke it.
“You know, we were pretty lucky to get out of that place earlier today.”
I looked down, talking quietly.
I flinched slightly as the jeep stopped. I looked to the front and saw Erik was asleep on the steering wheel, which could become funnier if he pressed the horn. The sun was already down and I turned myself to face Elena.
She looked up slightly, answering quietly.
She started looking out the window, I reached out to pull the hair out of her face but I hesitated and looked down. I was too scared. What if she looked, I would be done for.
“Elena..Something happened, didn’t it?”
It was my turn to be curious, Even though I did hear ‘curiosity killed the cat.’ But my legal argument is that the cat wasn’t careful, and that I’m not a cat!
She looked at me slightly.
“They…They brought up my memories...and...I reacted…big time.”
She had a shaky voice, showing fear, nervousness…I was worried, she was afraid, and I wanted to sooth her mind.
“Memories..? Is there something you’re not telling me?”
I was sounding more and more concerned, which pressed a lot of pressure in her sweet heart. I heard sobs and slight hiccups, she was on the verge of crying, I hated seeing her like this, she wasn’t the same girl. She was haunted by constant nightmares, I was aware of that. Out of instinct to calm her, I rubbed her cheek gently, not pressing too much.
“Hey…What’s wrong..?”
Elena was trying desperately to remove the tears from her eyes, shaking her head from side to side.
“I need to go get some air.”
She sniffled, replying with a hoax voice from crying. I watched her open the door slowly and stepping out, I got worried when she took the first few steps and stumbled. Making me flinch.
I heard a few mumbles coming from her, but I was going to respect her space. That’s what she wanted.
Ok, so i decided to accompany ~GamerGirlist with her story, as long as it includes Takeo, that I would do his point of view, and thoughts. It was fun and I plan on doing more XD

Original story: ~GamerGirlist
This POV Story is mineee.
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GamerGirlist Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
this is awesome!! :D
i can't wait until you make more! hehe. :3
Itachi12332 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
GamerGirlist Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
Itachi12332 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
GamerGirlist Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
Itachi12332 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
GamerGirlist Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
Itachi12332 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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